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Ivan is an OOAK Christmas elf art doll. His head and limbs were sculpted from a lightweight clay and painted with acrylic paints. The clay has been protected with matt varnish, semi-gloss for the nostrils, lips and nails, and gloss for the mouth. Ivan has green Lauscha glass eyes, which I believe are the best. I have used mohair for his beautiful blonde hair. He has a faux doe suede body allowing him to be posed. I have used glass beads to give him a reasonable weight of 750g, with Fiberfill for softness. I designed his body for a sitting position. His height is 36cm with bent legs.

ooak Christmas elf art doll looking at the camera

ooak Christmas elf art doll, view from side

ooak Christmas elf art doll in profile

ooak Christmas elf art doll, view from behind

Ivan's Christmas elf outfit is all made of cotton. He has striped leggings, green velvet top, pointy hat and shoes. His belt is made of real leather and his hat has an adorable red bell at the end. He is an art doll. His outfit is not meant to be removed. The hat is glued to his head.

ooak Christmas elf art doll's face

ooak Christmas elf art doll's face, view form side

Ivan is an outgoing elf who enjoys being around people. His hands work hard for the Christmas preparations.

ooak Christmas elf art doll posing for the camera

Ivan is 36cm tall with bent legs.
He will be coming home with:
Striped leggings
Green velvet top
Pointy hat with bell
Pointy shoes
Genuine leather belt
Certificate of Authenticity from me (Dolls from Aileen)
Care instructions with information about how to look after Ivan
If you are interested in buying Ivan please contact me.
Please note: my dolls are not intended for children.

ooak Christmas elf art doll with human hand

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