Welcome to the magical world of OOAK (One Of A Kind), artist dolls! It is a world where anything is possible, a world where imagination becomes reality. It is a big world. This website is devoted to my creations.

I am Aileen Edwin, a doll artist based in England, United Kingdom.

The production of OOAK dolls from clay

The process involves many hours of sculpting each part of the doll. This is followed by many more hours of painting the pieces with thin layers of paint, to create a lifelike effect. Finally the doll is assembled and dressed. Some of my dolls have cloth bodies that allow them to be posed. Because the dolls are OOAK (individually made rather than mass produced), every doll is unique, with its own character and appearance.

Making OOAK Teddy Bears

I make needle felted teddy bears. This is done by taking some wool or other soft material and shaping it through the use of a felting needle. This is like sculpting but with wool. The teddy bears can be fixed or can have joints that allow them to be posed. Every teddy bear has his own personality.

Clothing and accessories

I make as much of the clothing and accessories for my dolls as I can.